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Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™

2014 Route

Beginning on July 20, 2014and traveling approximately 7,500 miles, the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will test riders’ abilities to navigate, endure and persevere along some of the most technical roads in North America! Join us as we follow a new route between Key West, FL and Homer, AK!!! 

The first leg of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ begins on familiar terf in Key West, FL at the Beachside Mariott Resort. Riders will have to travel to the first checkpoint where they will get a map for the next leg of the journey. From there, our route will take Challengers through National Parks and across great mountain passes and then north into the Yukon Territory and Alaska!! Participants should expect to encounter vast technical riding along back roads and byways, sleeping beside their bike along the way. It doesn't matter that riders may have to deal with hail storms, heat and scorpions. In fact, this adventure isn't for the faint of heart and we hope you see it all!

Although the route is approximately 7,500 miles this year the strategy for keeping the course challenging was to establish only a few checkpoints along the way. This means that there will be some long and lonely stretches of highway to cover between stops. If you didn't know your own mind before you start - you will have discovered what you are made of by the time you reach the finish line!!

Our Hoka Hey 2014 checkpoints are still being determined and will be announced as they are engaged. Although support teams are being discouraged again this year, checkpoints will be a good place to meet up with friends and family, get stocked up on gear and supplies and to give your scooter the once over.

Challengers will have approximately 7 days to arrive at the finish line and be considered eligible for prizes. To be eligible for prizes, riders must follow the driving directions provided, must stop and check in at every checkpoint (yes - there may be at least one surprise checkpoint along the way), arrive at the finish line within the allotted time and be able to certify that they did not receive a moving violation along the way. Contenders must be present at the Honors and Awards Ceremony on August 2nd in order to be eligible to receive prizes.


Are you prepared to lose yourself in order to find yourself?



Participants are not required to ride the entire route to be recognized as a Hoka Hey Challenger.  Riders will be permitted to start from any checkpoint or end at any checkpoint and still earn a place on the Hoka Hey roster along with a Challenge coin and number. 

Riders cannot win cash prize unless the entire route is traveled within the rules of HHMC 2013 - but - by becoming a Hoka Hey Challenger; your name will be immortalized. 

Otherwise... Who will remember your name?