The Hoka Hey Mission


The mission of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, operated and presented by the Medicine Show LLC, is to provide participants with an opportunity to test their fortitude and determination. By facing and overcoming obstacles along the way, participants are encouraged to journey into a deep and critical examination of their own motives, actions and beliefs and then to translate newfound strength and confidence into a willingness to act on behalf of others.


Through the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, the Medicine Show LLC endeavors to:


  • Enrich - to cultivaye a philosophy of respect, honor, integrity and compassion
  • Empower – to promote self- determination and strength
  • Unite – to join together to incite positive action.


Meaning it’s a Good Day to Die, “Hoka Hey” reminds us that we have just one life to live and that a life spent standing idly by is no life worth living.




What will you do with the choices
that lie before you?