Get Sponsors


Don't think you can afford to take part in Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ in 2020?




Veterans should apply for our Sponser a Veteran Program. Or it's as easy as contacting your favorite restaurant or bar!! Go ahead and ask at your place of employment. Or ask for support from the manufacturers of products you use every day! Seek out the local motorcycle dealership or custom bike shop and ask them to sponsor you on your ride!



  • Take our Rider's Package with you and let potential sponsors know that you are willing to work to make it worth their while!
  • Sell advertising on your windshields and saddlebags!
  • Build a website that promotes you and your sponsors!!

  • Offer to co-host a fund raising event on their property!!!


If you can bring customers into their store and bring support and notice to you as a rider in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge - the sky will be the limit and the world is your oyster!!

Don't be afraid to ask and...


Expect the Unexpected!