Past Hoka Hey Challenges


The essence of the warrior spirit lies at the core of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Bringing together people of all races and nations on a physical and spiritual journey that expands boundaries, embraces strengths, celebrates diversity and fosters unity.


Based on a principal known as WOLAKOTA (a Lakota word that means reconciliation, or understanding, peace and kinship); the Hoka Hey Challenger is part of an elite class of warriors that:




  • Upholds our core values of RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION. 
  • Promotes the principals of community, cooperation, generosity and acceptance. 
  • Maintains and exemplifies the values of hard work, commitment and personal sacrifice.


The Hoka Hey Challenger is chosen because they are strong and capable and willing to act in a way that will instill hope and bring awareness to the plight of those who live in the poorest regions of one of the wealthiest countries on Earth.


The friendships and memories created during the HHMC will feed the heart and soul so that the warrior rider emerges stronger and wiser – able to tackle life’s next challenge with courage and grace. That is the true purpose of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge … to cultivate a greater appreciation for one another and to create connections that surpass all cultural boundaries.






Join us for the 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge