The Challenge


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a CALL TO ACTION!  It is a long distance endurance ride that:


  • Dares a Few to plunge headlong into the abyss… 
  • Defies the Chosen to confront considerable obstacles… 
  • Challenges Warriors to continue in spite of brutal physical elements.


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge strips you of modern conveniences and leaves you vulnerable to the unknown!  Without the aid of electronic navigation and the creature comforts of a hotel room; you must navigate the HHMC route using the driving directions we provide.  Braving the elements along these technical and scenic two lane roads, you will be forced to confront your demons.


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge becomes a lifelong endeavor with impact and intensity that will bring strength and healing, renewal and purpose through trial under fire.


And what will you get in return!?!


In the same manner as the finest military organizations, the chosen few will receive a numbered challenge coin, minted with the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge logo. Any rider who carries this coin carries the honor and prestige of a true warrior in their pocket.


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will try your tolerance for ambiguity and test your determination, your resolve and your stamina. Challengers must be able to adjust to change and to amend their thinking from day to day; minute to minute; mile to mile… This is the toughest motorcycle ride on Earth!!!


Become part of the Hoka Hey family by joining us:



The 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge