Hoka Hey 2019






There will be no Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in 2019. However, there are a number of events that you will be wecome to attend. Some, but not all, will be listed here. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for all the scheduled 2019 events as well as the impromptu events that pop up with litte or no notice.


Scheduled Events:


Taco Lunch Run


April 13th, 2019

172 East Lake Drive

Medicine Park, OK

Small Mountain Street Taco


The official event is 11AM to 9PM on the 13th but, Hoka Hey participation tends to extend these events a bit. Watch for details on our Facebook page.


The official "off-year" Hoka Hey gathering is still under constructoin. Check back here and on the Hoka Hey Facebook page for details as they become avaiable.