The Journey Begins...

...and Continues.



The 2016 Hoka Hey Challenge was not possible without the help of our many Sponsors and Checkpoints


ICIMANI is the Lakota word for “Journey” and if you are prepared to tackle enormous tasks; the 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will be the greatest journey of your life!!


The 2016 HHMC was open to a limited number of riders with an entry fee of $500.  The ride kicked off on JUNE 21, 2016 from The Pala Casino Spa & Resort in Southern California and remained entirely within the LOWER 48 STATES and ran all the way to the coast of Maine before heading back to the finish line at WOLF’S RUN in the SENECA NATION.  The 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge was lust less than 10,000 MILES with the END OF THE ROAD PARTY on JULY 2ND!! That's 12 days of hard riding!!


ICIMANI (The Journey) empower riders to help those in need.  In 2016 our Challengers were asked to conduct their own fund raising on behalf of those who have physical, mental or financial challenges.





ICIMANI will be a journey down a path of RESPECT:


We’re taking it back to basics by striping you of the modern conveniences and leaving you to find your way the OLD SCHOOL WAY!!


  • You will be required to ride without the assistance of electronic navigational aids using just a paper map and your own wit.

  • We expect you to ride at your own pace; sleeping beside your pony (motorcycle) whenever and wherever your body demands it.

  • You will not be permitted the use of Scylla or Bluetooth communications so you will be left with only your own thoughts for company.


The Challenge inevitably transforms itself from a long distance motorcycle ride into a life changing event.  Courage and the warrior spirit will always surface for any one that runs the Challenge with RESPECT, tenacity and heart.






ICIMANI will be a quest for HONOR:


Challenge participants become willing to do without a few luxuries for the short duration of the event in order to test their own mettle and to gain a better understanding of what the First Americans face every single day of their lives.  By taking riders to various reservations around the country, the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will not only open your eyes to the miserable situation on remote Indian reservations, but it will bring out your own true character by pushing your boundaries.






ICIMANI is the pursuit of INTEGRITY:


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a cross country endurance ride designed to get participants out of their comfort zone and into places they might otherwise never go.  The ride will pit participants against the road and Mother Nature along some of the most tortuous two lane roads in America!  We provide you with the driving directions that will take you along a route that will challenge your technical riding abilities and your navigational skills. 


  • The HHMC is not for the faint of heart.

  • It is not for any one afraid of getting lost.

  • It is not for those that can’t handle uncertainty.

  • This is the toughest ride for the toughest riders on Earth!


Only those with genuine INTEGRITY will stay true to their ideals, beliefs and commitments when faced with such harsh conditions.






ICIMANI will be a calling of COMPASSION:


What we do for others can have the power to transform, enrich, and even complete us.


This event isn’t about what you can get out of it...  It’s what you put in to it that matters.  In 2016 our riders will be asked to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit or charitable organization of their choice.


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will open new paths for both personal and spiritual growth because it will open the eyes of riders to the deplorable conditions on remote Indian reservations around America & inspire Riders' COMPASSION to do something about it.






True warriors can be recognized by the path they choose and we hope that you will choose to join the elite riders for the 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!!